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There are 2 main functions of Content Review Sites: "SELECTION" and "COMMENTS".



Depending on your preference, you may use the "Selection Circles” to indicate photos to either REMOVE or INCLUDE in your book/project. Please be sure to confirm how you've used the circles. (On phone "Selection Circles" appear at top in single image view)


If you have comments about chronology, or need to assign dates to photos, please click on the "Comment Bubble Icon" below the photo to add your notes. (On phone the Comment Bubble Icon appears at top in single image view)

Every image on your Review Site has a unique number. When indicating chronology it is more expedient to use the image numbers as reference. (For ex. move this photo after photo #45)


Please do not add captions or copy intended for the book during the Review Site phase of the project.


Review Sites save as you go, so if you leave and return your changes will be preserved.

When you’re finished, please click the red dot on the top right of the page and choose SUBMIT

Reach out with any questions to

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