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Updated: Jun 3, 2022

TRICKS OF THE TRADE We’ve seen the best travel photos from all around the world. Books of Life has the inside scoop on how clients are documenting their trips. We’ve come up with a few pro tips to take your pics to the next level, allowing us to create the most beautiful coffee-table books possible.

WHAT TIME IS IT? When you travel to different time zones, your phone’s camera will automatically shift time, while your other cameras won’t. When you land, take those cameras and adjust the time to match your phones. This way when you’re enjoying your photos back at home your trip will unfold in the correct order. We know that finding those time settings in your cameras can be tricky. Don’t sweat it- we have another idea. Early in your trip, with all devices/cameras on deck, have everybody take a photo of one unusual thing. Write a note that says “SYNC” and have everybody snap a photo of it at the same time. Back home we can take that moment and synchronize all of your cameras.

THE KINDNESS OF STRANGERS “Can you take our photo?” Ask a stranger to photograph the WHOLE group. This is the only way you’ll get everybody in the shot. (Karma will be on your side when you need it if you offer to snap other groups with their own cameras!) Consider hiring a pro photographer on your trip. Pixaround is a great resource to get professional family photos while on your trip.

DON’T BE A STATUE Everyone wants that holiday card shot of the group smiling in front of some gorgeous scenery, but remember that it’s the moments in between that tell the story. Imagine you’re filming a reality show and snap away while people aren’t expecting it. Take photos of your family/friends interacting with the environment, walking in the distance or simply enjoying quiet downtime.

BIRDS EYE VIEW Try interesting angles. Get low to the ground and shoot upwards for an unconventional vantage point. Try moving your subject out of the center of the frame. Shoot straight down.

STAY AWAY FROM IPHONE ZOOM After you fill the frame with the whole scene, get up close! Capture architecture, doorways, decorative elements and any other beautiful details. If using an iPhone, step in close instead of using that zoom. Digital zoom is essentially cropping into the pixels. This degrades your image and can you leave you with a globby mess of a photo. If you can, get closer, or use a DSLR with a zoom lens.

LOCAL FOLKS Capture the spirit of the culture and community life by taking photos of ordinary, everyday things and ESPECIALLY the people. Trust us- you will be happy when you see your amazing pics. Photograph signage to assist you in remembering all of the stops during a busy trip.

MEMORABILIA Save memorabilia such as maps, ticket stubs, hotel stationery, foreign currency, brochures, menus, etc. Throw them in your camera bag. These items can be scanned to compliment your photographic memories. The creative possibilities are endless.

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