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Haitian Proverbs - For Sale Now

Haitian culture is rich in proverbial wisdom. Wilmette author Rodlin Rodrigue, a native of Haiti, has selected 32 of the most popular proverbs and commented on how each guides the thoughts and actions of Haitians today. Each proverb is illustrated with one of the author’s drawings. The book offers a view of Haiti’s past and describes how Haitians use proverbs in their struggle for a better world. Haitian Proverbs is beautifully designed and printed in lively Caribbean colors by Books of Life. Proceeds from sales of the book support the Sapaterre Mission School near Hinche, Haiti, which Rodrigue founded and directs. Buy the book HERE

The Sapaterre Mission School serves 150 children from 1st through 6th grades. Sapaterre is one of several neighboring villages with a combined population of about two thousand inhabitants. Residents do not have access to electricity, healthcare, or education; for some, even food is a struggle. Some children walk for nearly an hour to reach the school. While education is the school’s priority, with its limited resources the staff tries to provide some food and assistance with healthcare. If you would like to know more about the Sapaterre Mission School, visit

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